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8 Practical Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills This Summer

As soon as you move out from your parent’s home and handle utility bills, you get to witness the brutality of energy costing. This rude awakening makes sense when you see how short the planet is becoming on renewable resources. Once you open your eyes to the climate-related problems, you can then think about using electricity more judiciously. You are not required to compromise on your comfort really; just a few changes in your daily habits can do equally good.

Generally, when it comes to finding a solution to save money and energy, upgraded appliances, solar panels, and energy-conserving outlets come into the picture. But, there is so much more you can do to add up to big savings on your bills, no matter where you live. If you own a lot of appliances, including a TV, microwave, dishwasher, and HVAC system at your home, here are some more strategic ways for better energy management

  1. Arrange for an Energy Audit

You can find plenty of utility companies across the Greater Toronto Area that offer free energy audits to homeowners. It is worth availing of such services as you can assess the highest electricity-consuming areas in your home and trim down your usage. You can also conduct a self-audit with online tools.

  1. Repair Air Ducts

If you want to save money on cooling without much effort, you may need to check your air ducts immediately. When not well insulated, they don’t perform optimally and leads to a lot of wasted energy. So, you need to seal the air ducts well and remove any furniture blocking the airflow through registers.

  1. Remove Dust from Refrigerator Coils

When you are cleaning up your refrigerator shelves, make sure you dust off the condenser coils. Give it a thorough cleaning every six months to a year, and more often if you have shedding pets. It will release the burden of the appliance to work harder and ultimately save energy and extend its lifespan.

  1. Clean Air-Conditioning Filters

When not in use, a lot of dust, debris, and moisture accumulate on the AC filters and coils. And neglecting its maintenance is undoubtedly going to decline its performance for the upcoming heated months. So, do a routinely clean and remove any clogging in the filters. Get it replaced by an HVAC expert if required.

  1. Install Ceiling Fans

A hard-working air conditioner takes a toll on your bills. And if you want to avoid that from happening, installing ceiling fans is a smart move. They help keep the air circulating in the room and are sometimes a perfect backup for an air conditioner. It allows you to raise the thermostat setting without any discomfort.

  1. Optimize the Use of Dishwashers

If you like to run the dishwasher after every meal, you need to hold back yourself until it is full. Dishwashers utilize the same amount of energy each time, so it is best to load the machine as efficiently as possible. Also, keep a check on the temperature you set. Reduce heat as much as possible.

  1. Plant More Trees

Planting trees not only help the environment but also reduce your electricity consumption, especially when it is summertime. Their shade protects your house from the scorching heat, further keeping it cool and saving you some money – around 10-20% on your energy bill a year.

  1. Make the Most of Natural Light

With summers, you can enjoy longer days and shorter nights, which means you can have loads of natural light into your home till the late hours of the evening. Hence, the need for artificial lighting automatically reduces, and you can rely on sunlight for a greater part of the day and save a few dollars over the month.

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