Benefits of Indoor Pool Dehumidification

An indoor pool, be it at home, hotel, gym, or a spa, can be one of your life’s greatest pleasures or worst nightmare, based on your upkeep tendencies and practices. The room’s humidity control will determine the health of your indoor pool. While both kids and adults love having a splash in the pool and enjoy its multifarious comfort, security, and convenience any time of the year, indoor pools do come with their own set of challenges and responsibilities for their operators or owners. One of these challenges is ensuring appropriate pool water chemistry while managing a clean and inviting environment.

Since pools are a great source of humidity, oftentimes pool rooms tend to get hot, humid, and all in all, uncomfortable, if not kept under your watchful eyes. And when the air is excessively moisture-laden, your room stands the risk of attracting mold, mildew, or corrosion. The main focus of an indoor pool room humidification system is to manage the humidity levels, in turn shielding the integrity of the pool room structure.

Why Go For Indoor Pool Dehumidification?

Oftentimes, using a simple pool room ventilation does not do enough to control moisture Not to mention, they are both expensive and inefficient- a deadly combo. They can ramp up your energy bills while not offering the desired level of dehumidification. Many times, those living in humid climates notice more unwanted moisture coming in due to the ventilation system, compounding the issue more.

We, at GTA Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd., recommend indoor pool dehumidification, and these are the reasons why:

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

Humid, warm, and wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and corrosion. Your cleaning crew will have to put in extra hours just to keep the health of the pool room in check, but even that might not be enough. Many times, mold makes its way into hard-to-clean areas like HVAC systems, and that is a much tougher conversation to have.

Mold and mildew growth can bring down your pool system’s efficiency or break it down entirely, amping up repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. Unchecked mold will continue to grow, resulting in a musty unhealthy odor that won’t go without expert intervention. With a dehumidification system, you can avoid these scenarios.

Manage Humidity Damage

Over the months, humidity build up can damage your ceilings, walls, doors, and much of everything in the vicinity. The relative humanity is supposed to stay below 60% to avert mold and mildew growth, but the humidity in pool rooms lead to irreparable humidity damage costing you in structural repairs. This is in fact one of the biggest reasons to have an indoor pool dehumidification system. It can help you prevent rot, pain damage, and corrosion.

Bring Down Installation Costs

Did you know, one of the easiest ways to reduce your HVAC installation charges is to have a proper indoor pool dehumidification system first. The latter lets you control your pool’s water temperature, humidity, and air temperature, all through a single duct system. This can save you tons without you even realizing.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor pool dehumidifiers feature air filters that can remove airborne dust and other particulate matter from the room’s air. This is crucial as pools in schools, hotels, and fitness centers need to pass a certain safety check. If you can control the moisture in the room, you stand a chance to enhance the quality of air by bringing down foul odors from any mold or mildew growth. 

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