Energy Losses in Your Home: What Are the Common Causes?

Whether it’s winters or summers, every homeowner tries their best to keep their home warm and cool respectively. One of the most used appliances for keeping your houses warm and cool are heaters and air conditioners. But if your heaters and air conditioners are working solemnly, why is there an energy loss? Or why are your electricity bills on the rise?


Many people are unaware of the fact that your home has a role to play in keeping the inner energy intact. Basically, they need to focus on energy management and find cheap alternatives to improve the energy efficiency of their house rather than investing in costly appliances.


Here are some common residential issues that lead to energy escapes-


1) Inefficient doors and windows- Probably the doors and windows of your house are of the time when your home was built. Old doors and windows in your home have gone through a lot of wear and tear with time. They could have loose bolts, hinges and nuts, allowing them to drift, making a grinding sound. Worn out condition is one reason leading to the escape of heal and cold from your house.


Some steel-framed windows with single and wide glass pane are enough to allow the freezing cold winds to slightly make their way into your house. Secondly, if you have wooden windows and doors, the sealant can become loose over time, and there may be cracks, leading to energy loss.


2) Poor ventilation- Do you know your home’s ventilation plays a significant role in conserving the energy of your house up to 30 per cent? You might have never paid attention to the ventilation of your home. There could be air leaks, pipe damage and breakage in the ventilation system, making way for the air to flow in and out. Moreover, don’t forget to inspect your chimneys as well. Open ducts can account for about 60 per cent of the heat loss. Therefore, it is time you repair the ventilation of your home or invest in a new one.


3) Low maintained appliances and electronics- Your home appliances can break at any time due to electrical problems, excessive heat, load and lack of maintenance issues. If there are some electrical issues, immediately call heating and air conditioning service professionals and keep a regular check on your appliances. Otherwise, opt for new and low voltage appliances with a high power-rating to reduce your electricity bills.


4) Flimsy insulation- Insulating your entire home again and again can be a costly improvement to make. I would suggest to do it once and not go for cheaper options. For instance, many people get their home insulated with loose-fill fibreglass that has lower R-value (insulation factor) deteriorates with time and flimsy insulation that wither away. Although insulating your home with them would be cheap and easy, yet they won’t offer insulation to the requires thermal levels and for a longer time.


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