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The Boiler Service Checklist You Need

The last thing we want on a cold and dreary day is for our boiler to give up on us and our central heating system to fail. Fortunately, an annual boiler service can be the answer to that problem. At an affordable rate, boiler maintenance companies can offer boiler repair and service that will save you thousands in the long run. 

What Are Boiler Services?

A thorough boiler service can help your boiler and central heating system run smoothly and efficiently. The entire service takes no more than an hour, though the exact time might depend on the specific appliance. During the service, a crew of experts will follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure everything has been crossed off the list. Getting an appointment can offer peace of mind that your boiler is both safe and efficiently running.

What Does a Boiler Service Look Like?

A typical boiler service includes a visual inspection wherein the engineer inspects the boiler, clean and tinker with the components as deemed necessary, looking for signs of damage and identifying immediately visible signs of distress. All controls and safety features will be tested for smooth operation.

Next in time is flue and combustion release. Here the engineer checks the termination, construction, and route of the flue, that is, the pipe from the boiler that goes outside your house). They will gauge if there are any obstructions in all the flue terminals, and that the flues are safety fitted.

Cleaning the main boiler components follows suit. Here the engineer will remove, inspect, and thoroughly clean the primary components in the boiler to make sure they are fit for the required purpose and have no discernable defects. This includes the main burder, flue ways, heat exchange, and ignition pins.

Here are a few more things that the engineer will check:

  • Flame sense device
  • High-limit thermostat 
  • Pilot burner, cables, and probes
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Boiler operation
  • Flue effectiveness
  • Electrical wiring 
  • Heating controls
  • Boiler location and nearby combustible items 
  • Safety devices
  • Gas and pressure flow 
  • Seals

The engineer will be expected to undertake the series of required tests and checks before making a record of everything, including the boiler pressure of the heat input. As a homeowner, you can keep this information for posterity when the next inspections come up or if a problem arises.

At long last, the engineer gives a green signal about whether the boiler is good to go. All controls and settings altered during the procedure will be either re-attached to your preference or left to your choice. This completes the entire boiler service routine. If you think your boiler is in dire need of a service, or if something seems awry, it is always best to be safe than sorry and get yourself an annual boiler service. 

Get in touch with your local boiler service company in Toronto and ask for more details on procedures and quotes. A boiler service check a year can save you tons on repair and damage reversal. 

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