A Guide to Hire the Right HVAC Contractor

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) play a significant role in making your home comfortable throughout the year. However, it’s common to encounter HVAC issues that could soon turn into a major nuisance if ignored for too long. You might ignore a noisy air conditioner and other minor issues but a sudden AC breakdown during hot summers or non-functioning heater in the middle of January needs immediate attention. And when that happens, you need to quickly find a reliable HVAC contractor. When an HVAC emergency occurs, most people make the mistake of calling a handyman or general contractor. However, choosing the wrong professional only exacerbate the issue and may even lead to costly replacements. So, to avoid making the problem worse, make sure you hire the right technician.

To begin with, you need to understand the difference between a general contractor and an HVAC contractor. Suppose you need to repair the plumbing system of your house. Would you hire an electrician for the job? Every job needs a specialist and HVAC is a complex system that needs an expert hand for installation, repair, or maintenance. A general contractor provides services such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, and more. But HVAC contractors specialize in handling the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. So, whether you need to install a new furnace or repair a broken freezer, hiring an HVAC contractor is the right option. Now, let’s take a quick look at how to hire a qualified HVAC contractor to save your time, money, and stress.

Credentials & Licensing

What distinguishes a general contractor from an HVAC professional is the credential and licensing. Installing and repairing an HVAC system requires technical knowledge and only professionals who are trained can handle this job safely. So, make sure to check what type of license or certification the technician has. The easiest option is to check nationally recognized certifications.

Services Offered

The website of the HVAC contractor can provide details of their credential, experience, and services offered. Before hiring a professional, make sure they are offering the services you need. It is noteworthy here that an HVAC technician is not the same as an HVAC contractor. A technician may only handle HVAC repair or replacement tasks. However, HVAC contractors have the skills and equipment to handle large-scale design and installation projects. So, if you’re building a new house, you should look for an HVAC contractor, not a technician. The HVAC contractors understand the local codes and can design and plan wiring and installation of heating and cooling systems.

Read Review and Testimonials

To narrow down your options, dig a little deeper and read as many reviews as possible. The reliable HVAC contractors provide testimonials on their websites. Besides testimonials, also look at the reviews on other independent sites to get a clear idea about the quality of their services. Reviews help in gauging the professionalism and expertise of any service provider. However, all businesses have both positive and negative reviews. But the best ones have more positive reviews. When reading reviews, consider those that mention specific services that you need to understand whether or not the contractor has skills for fixing your issue.

Project Quote & Written Estimate

A reliable HVAC contractor with several positive online reviews will always maintain transparency. Before the technician picks up his tools and starts the job, make sure you ask their charges and get things in writing. You can also ask multiple contractors for the rates and then compare prices. However, always prefer the quality of work over the lowest prices. If you’re satisfied with their experience and the price offered, ask for a written estimate.

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